• Caitlin Kennedy

Sprog Season Round 3

Updates from Abi and Al as they take their baby on a ski season.


As everyone is probably well aware, space is at a premium in ski resorts but somehow we’ve managed to Tetris enough space in our apartment to turn our living room into a small pram race track. I’ll explain. Unlike adults, when babies are tired and need to sleep, the last thing they want to do is be put to bed (I know I’ve made this analogy before but much like a drunk). So one of the ways we’ve hit on to get a break from parenting is by popping him in the pram and racing round the living room in a figure of eight until either he falls asleep or we feel sick. We can then use the resulting peaceful hour to clean up all the dirt the pram has left on the floor and not quite take a nap when he inevitably wakes up early!

We have tried other tactics. The older generation tells tales of how they would let their children cry themselves to sleep but sadly whoever built the walls in our apartment seems to have used something only slightly more soundproof than paper, so it’s not really fair on the neighbours.

I often get asked how much sleep I am getting. I’m not sure if this is because I have such a haggard look that even with my goggles on, people can see the strain or if they are just gloating about their baby free existence. So for those who are curious or just like to gloat, here is a typical evening.

Dummy in, dummy out. Dummy in, dummy out. Why did you take your dummy out? Especially as you