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Suzy Dunsford

Tell us about your cover.

Well immediately I asked myself, what is cool in Val D’Isere? Obviously eagles. So I thought I’d draw the eagle and the river Isère but I can’t draw faces so I put a Storm Trooper helmet on the bird. Storm Troopers are cool.

Do you like Starwars?

Yeah; actually my old housemates Al & Pat got me into it. We watched it in the cinema here last year and I think I was the only girl in the whole place. I like geeky nerdy films.

How long did it take?

About an hour and a half, finished it on the plane here!

It looks like biro but when you look closely, the detail is really fine. What did you use?

I have artist pens and the smallest tip is 0.05mm. I didn’t do it in pencil first, I just went for it with the pen so look out for the mistakes!

Stop it, its perfect! We noticed that none of your art is on your instagram, do you put it up anywhere for the world to see?

This is my first published work but I’ll be taking commissions from now on (Contact Suzy’s lawyer: Soph from Blue Note).

You should make a psuedonym insta if you’re nervous! What would your psuedonym be?

Cool Suz. No-one would think I would have the audacity to label myself Cool Suz but really, I am Cool Suz.

On a scale of 1 to cut your own ear off, how much of an artist are you?

A 1.5? No, definitely a 3. I had an art scholarship but I haven’t really done much since then, although I did a bit in Val last summer. I should definitely draw more as I find it really relaxing. It’s hard to think about anything else once you’re in the zone.

What do you like to draw?

I’d like to do more mountain related drawings but I also like drawing things that are out of proportion and absurdist. I think my brain is bit weird: I once drew an octopus in an old school vintage diving helmet, holding a bunch of balloons, one of which is a balloon-dog. And another time I drew a frog with native American headwear but super out of proportion.

This is unrelated to anything but top three Dicaprio films?

That is such a good question. Shutter Island, Closely followed by The Beach and then it’s not out yet, but the new Tarantino one about the Manson Family. I know it will be good. And Catch Me If You Can! I don’t like Inception but I do like Michael Cane.

What is your favourite Dinosaur?

A velociraptor. Actually wait, is a Megladon a dinosaur?

No its a massive shark.

Yeah a shark dinosaur!

What are you proud of?

Since I have become a punter, I ski more. (It should be mentioned that Suzy & Soph have done a single run before coming to Folie and plan to ski down to get beers after.

Do you have anything to add?

Me and John Cooper are getting married. Everyone is invited.

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