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Sydney Wesley-Weeks

How does art feature in your life at the moment?

I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as an artist, but making, viewing and talking about art is always a part of my life. Usually I just draw or create things for people: a drawing for someone I really want to thank; or designing materials for children to work with. I’ve just moved to a new city, and in 2019 I want to see what projects I can get involved with here – it’s always a new years’ resolution to do more.

From your time working with kids, what’s the funniest/strangest thing you’ve ever seen a kid draw?

So many incredible pictures! I’ve had some pretty unflattering portraits, but in Hong Kong I vividly remember a part-collage, part-drawing of a futuristic metro stop called “Sydney Station”, with trains and cars flying in and out. And once an 11 year old drew a really realistic picture of Winston Churchill – that was pretty funny.

You lived in Berlin for a while? Did you find that conducive to creating?

Berlin is an incredible place, with inspirational creative people and events all the time. At first, I had more time on my hands, so sometimes I’d sit and draw because I found it completely absorbing. I was also lucky enough to briefly get involved with an incredible organisation called Pass the Crayon who offered art projects in refugee shelters. We’d spend a few hours helping and joining in with the children who were making a mess, being creative and expressing themselves – making everything from huge 3D planets or stop-motion figures. Those were some of my favourite memories from Berlin!

What’s your preferred medium?

Definitely my packet of worn-out watercolour pencils. Or, like for this cover- just a pair of scissors and whatever patterned or coloured papers I can find (often in my recycling bin).

And finally, have you ever met a reindeer?

Sadly not yet. Maybe this year!

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