• Caitlin Kennedy

Thomas Gabet

Tell us about your cover.

So my first thought when I was asked to do a cover was to just see what inspiration comes from the mountains. The result was more a feeling than a visual representation of them. I like doing things with masks in my art because they bring to mind spirits. They both involve hidden things, things that you don’t see in real life. In my drawing, the spirit of the mountains is blue, which gives a feeling of danger but also beauty.

And when you were studying art in Annecy, what did you focus on?

The course was really broad and we did a lot of model making, work with plastic, graphic design and painting as well. But I really found myself drawn to working with plastic.

And is Annecy a good place to be for the arts?

Yes it’s fantastic, very cultural. Not quite in the same way as a big city like Lyon or Paris, but there’s still a lot going on. Cinema is great there and they have an animation festival, which is very highly regarded.

What kind of photography do you do?