• Caitlin Kennedy

Tom Cleary

Tell us about your cover.

My cover goes back to my artistic style when I was younger. I just constantly used to doodle and from that, I developed a bit more skill I guess. That’s what it is at the end of the day, bored doodling made to look good! I saw an amazing photo by Sam Box that I thought if I drew the outline of the skier and filled it in with pattern and colour, that could look really cool. Shout out to Hamish, the skier model!

Did you ever get in trouble at school for doodling?

Yeah I actually did in a way. I used to doodle on my hands all the time and eventually I got ink poisoning. My hand was dead to the world and I put my other hand up to get the teacher because it was turning blue as my great nan. I went to the hospital and got put on a drip to prevent blood poisoning. It’s actually a really convincing prosthetic now, the good old NHS ay? Yeah