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Upcoming Releases

This decade is set to be huge for the development of ski and snowboard technology. We have highlighted some of the most exciting upcoming releases.

Back To The Future predicted that we would have hover boards back in 2015. Rumour has it that they were ready, but we simply weren’t. Here is a picture we have acquired from the future of Marc Cossar having a gentle cruise on his Hoverstick™, as in 2023 we expect to see hoverboards finally hit the general market. Believe it or not, our source says that this style of 80’s Jackets will apparently come back into fashion in 2022, no word on the leggings though.

We have all been waiting for it and it is nearly here. In a year or two the fabled ‘Ski Pocket’ is finally making its way to a ski near you. Gone are the days of carrying a heavy backpack just to hold your sandwich; the Ski Pocket has you covered. Coming in looks such as denim, Burberry, leather and faux leather for the vegans, the ski bag industry is facing a serious upset when these bad boys hit production.

Multiple studies have predicted that due to the fallout of Brexit and the ramping up of climate change, this decade will find us all miserably depressed and falling into addiction. An entire market is expected to spring up to exploit our misery-charged spending and one of the most exciting upcoming products is the Pole Vape. Think about poles for a second and you will realise that they are long and thin. This space allows for over 18 AA batteries, meaning you can expect to be blowing addictive (and likely deadly) candy floss flavoured clouds all the way from first lifts until après.

As it is a much harder feat of technology to overcome, the ‘Disco Lid ©’ will not be coming until the late 2020’s. It won’t actually protect your head but much like a lot of ski wear brands these days, it is only meant for après anyway. It does however, come with two subwoofers embedded and once the developers can iron out the concussion related issues when playing drum and bass, these puppies are going to be everywhere.

For the snowboarders reading, you are already blessed with soft, warm cuddles for your feet in the form of snowboard boots. For the skiers, on the other hand, it is a different story. Even the best fitting, comfiest ski boots are fairly bad for anything other than skiing, which is why in 2027, Ugg are finally releasing a ski boot.

Finally, the one we are really stoked for is the BSC (Backpack Snow Cannon). Imagine getting fresh tracks wherever you go - that dream is soon to become a reality. With the space in your bag freed up by the ski pocket, you can dedicate your backpack to making every run knee deep. The best part is, you are not even limited to ski resorts. If you have negative temperatures and a full camelback, you will be able to ski literally anywhere, the piste will appear before you.

Get ready, the next ten years have a lot in store.

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