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Vie Val d'Is Community

The Vie Val d’Is and the work that they do to make life better for seasonal and full time residents of Val d’Isère can sometimes go unnoticed, so we took the opportunity to put them in the limelight and discover everything they offer.


If, god-forbid, you have an accident whilst on the mountain, it can be extremely costly to be rescued from the hill. But the Vie Val d’Is have you covered. Just one of the benefits of the Vie Val d’Is card is free mountain rescue from anywhere on the mountain, on or off piste. The insurance covers your transport all the way to the hospital. Note that it’s still advisable to purchase long-trip, winter sports insurance, as any hospital bills will not be covered.

with a medical professional, such as a psychiatrist and provide info free blood and STI testing in Bourg once a week. Walk in appointments.


The VVD organises free workshops every day of the week for members of the association. These include French lessons, Kung Fu and workshops on how to fix your stuff. Check out The Echo’s event listings for more details of what’s on with the Vie Val d’Is. Less regular events are thrown too, such as the Seasonaire’s Welcome Party on the 20th December, with free buffet, drinks and live music.


Every few weeks, the Association puts on Free Avalanche Awareness Talks with Mark Jones, a BASI trainer of the highest level and founder of ICE Ski Coaching. These talks are free and open to anyone, even if you don’t have a Vie Val d’Is card. However, if you do, it is possible to rent Avalanche safety gear (transceiver, shovel, probe and ABS bag) for 2€ a day after having attended one of these sessions.


Ecomove is the environmental arm of the Vie Val d’Is that incentivises recycling and sustainability. They provide Eco-cups at events (for a 1€ deposit), free portable ash trays to take up the mountain whilst skiing and organise a huge litter pick up in the summer once all the snow has melted.

The Vie Val d’Is Office is located in the Maison de Val and is open Monday to Friday, with a break at lunch time. The Vie Val d’Is card costs 21€ and you’ll need to sign up in advance (www.vievaldis.com/ valdisere/en/how-to-apply/ ) and take down a contract, which specifies your employment in Val d’Isère.

Oh and the staff are the friendliest, most helpful people you could hope for!


There’s a staggering list of discounts to benefit from with your Vie Val d’Is card, highlights of which include:

- 15% off in all of Val’s supermarkets

- 15% off all season passes at the Aquasport Leisure complex.

- Genepi Galore! Complementary genepi after a meal at many restaurants in town. - Savings in many bars and restaurants. The full list of reductions can be found on the Vie Val d’Is website.


Half way through the season is Health Day, when you can see pretty much any healthcare professional completely free for advice and testing. The Vie Val d’Is also partners with the Pelican Association, a group committed to helping combat drug and alcohol addiction. They’ll be in Val once a month to offer confidential information and advice. Outside of these times, the team can help put you in contact

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