• Caitlin Kennedy

Weather 30/11


Well what a start to the season! The Pisteurs haven’t seen anything like it before. Benoit doesn’t remember an opening weekend like this since the late 80s and to top it all off, it’s a bluebird powder day to start the winter’s skiing off. The last of the clouds cleared in the wee small hours this morning and have left us with a very clear sky through which the sun will be shining through most of the day. Large banks of clouds are expected to arrive in the afternoon, bringing with them fresh snow overnight with up to 30cm predicted by tomorrow evening. The snow will come in alongside a very strong wind, with possible gusts of up to 100km/h during the night. During the day though, it will be a bright but fairly chilly day with maximum temperatures of 2 to  4°C between 1800 and 2000m.

Ski Report

60cm of grromed snow on the snow front, 1m 60 at altuude.


The Bellevarde Express and the Loyes Express are closed. The tops of Orange, OK, Diebold, Verte and Joseray are open. The bottoms remain closed. 3J, MLoutons, Les Tines, Face, Stade Olympique, Fontaine froid, Collet, Grand Pre, Genepy and Borsat are all open..

Lanches drag lift closed.

The Tommeuses and Borsat chairlifts are open, allowing access to Tignes Le Lac and Val Claret.


For the lifts, the Solaise, Glacier Express, Laisseiers, Madeleine, Datcha chairlifts are all open. And for the runs, the Plan, M, Mattis, Trav Laisanant, Lac de l’Ouilette, Laissiers, Glaciers, Plan Millet, St Jacques, Col de la madeleibne, La fourche, Marais, Lac parc, Madeleine are all open.

On nursery slopes, the Village and Savonette drag lifts will be running.


Only the Fornet cable car and Vallon bubble are scheduled to open for the moement allowing access to the Col, Pont abatte, Mangard and Foret runs.

The Pisaillas Glacier has all lifts open and all runs are open except the Combe du Geant and Cascade, which are closed due to avalanche risk.