• Caitlin Kennedy


Updated: Nov 28, 2018


The cloud is hanging quite low over the mountains this morning, with a fresh coating of snow on the ground from early on in the night. We had about 3cm more snow, with more predicted for today. Snow tyres therefore continue to be a must. It's a little warmer in town this morning than yesterday at, but a lot cooler at the top of the mountain. The clouds are due to clear a little in the middle of the day, but will descend again in the afternoon, bringing 3-5cm more snow. Likewise the wind at 2500m is due to be calm this morning, but this evening a gusty Northerly wind is likely to blow the fresh snow around a fair bit.

Ski Report

Just like last year, initially this season, it is not possible to ski to the bottom of the mountain, so you'll need to take one of the following down to descend the hill:

  • The Fornet Cable Car

  • The Olympic Bubble

  • The Solaise Bubble

  • The Le Daille Funicular