• Caitlin Kennedy


Updated: Nov 28, 2018

What a perfect way to start the ski season, with a perfect blanket of fresh snow! We had 5cm in town and around double that at the top of the hill during the night and a few very soft flakes continue to fall. The skies will remain generally a little overcast with a few flakes floating around , although we are also likely to see some blue sky poking through too. It has warmed up a little from the last few days with temperatures just over zero in town at 7AM this morning. Higher up at the top of the Solaise, temperatures are around -3°C this morning with a calm Westerly wind, although in exposed areas, we could be getting gusts of 40 to 60km/h from the South West. Minimum temperatures today will be between -2 and -4°C at 2000m. Tomorrow, we leave the winterey weather behind as it looks to be milder with clear skies and little wind.

Ski Report

Just like last year, initially this season, it is not possible to ski to the bottom of the mountain, so you'll need to take one of the following down to descend the hill:

  • The Fornet Cable Car

  • The Olympic Bubble

  • The Solaise Bubble

  • The Le Daille Funicular


The New Le Daille bubble is only open for pedestrians at the moment and is free of charge this weekend. The Mont Blanc lift will be closed, but all other lifts are due to open.