• Caitlin Kennedy

Weather & Ski Report 03/12

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

We’ve woken up to a beautiful crisp and clear morning with glowy mountain tops. Sunshine is the order of the day today and it’s likely we’ll see little to no clouds all day but the chill in the air will persist with cool temperatures of below zero°C all day. The wind at 2500m is generally calm and coming from a variable direction but at very high altitudes, it may feel a bit gustier. This evening, the weather will continue to stay clear and calm with slightly warmer overnight temperatures.

The snow on the roads in town mostly melted yesterday but as that has now frozen, it is very slippery, both for drivers and pedestrians so do take care and use snow tyres for cars and crampons for feet if you have them.

Ski Report

59cm of groomed snow on the snow front, 1m59 at altitude.


The Funival, Bellevarde Express, Loyes Express chairlifts remain closed, alongside the Lanches, Slalom and Snowpark drag lifts. The tops of Orange, Diebold and Joseray are open. The bottoms remain closed. OK, 3J, Verte, Moutons, Les Tines, Face, Stade Olympique, Fontaine froid, Collet, Grand Pre, Genepy and Borsat are all open.The home runs on this sector are the OK, Verte and Face.

The Tommeuses and Borsat chairlifts are open, allowing access to Tignes Le Lac and Val Claret.


The Manchet Express and Cugnai stay closed for the moment as well as the 3000 drag lift. The Plan, M, Mattis, Traversée du Laisanant, Lac de l'Ouillette, Leissiers, Glaciers, Plan Millet, St Jacques, Col de la Madeleine, La fourche, Marais, Lac parc a Moutons and Madeleine are all open.

On the nursery slopes, the Rogoney and Legettaz have opened for the first time to join the Village and Savonette that are also accessible.


Only the Fornet cable car and Vallon bubble are scheduled to open for the moment allowing access to the Col, Pont Abatte, Pre-chemin, Mangard and Foret runs.

The Pisaillas Glacier has all lifts open and all runs are open except the Cascade and Pays Desert. The Combe du Geant run has opened up for the first time today.