• Caitlin Kennedy

Weather & Ski Report 08/12

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

We have awoken to clear skies and a rosy tint over the Fornet valley. Once the sun rises, it’ll stay within our sights right the way through to sunset, at which point the weather will start to turn.  Clouds are going to gather as the evening marches on, with a little snow expected in the middle of the night. This will give us a wee taster of things to come as we’re looking at a very snowy week ahead, with 10 to 20cm predicted for Monday and plentiful snowfall every day except Tuesday. Back to the present however, conditions began cooly in town and Temperatures won’t be getting very warm with a maximum of 2°C at town level and between 0 and 2°C up top. The North-Westerly wind continues to blow moderately strongly, especially at altitude. Throughout the day, the wind is going to become more and more blustery, with speeds of over 40km/h during the night.

Ski Report

49cm of groomed snow on the snow front, 1m52 at altitude.


The Santons, Epaule de Charvet, Border Cross, Stade Semanmille, Trifollet and Lanches pistes remain closed. The small kickers in the snowpark are opening up for the first time today. The rest is still under preparation. Everything else is open. If you’re skiing the bottom halves of OK/Orange all the way to the bottom, be aware that the Funival remains closed so you’ll need to cut across to the bottom of the La Daille bubble. Work has started on the Epaule de Charvet but it is not ready to be skied yet and if you do, you may encounter rocks or machinery. Please stay off it and all other pistes marked closed.

The Tommeuses and Borsat chairlifts are open, allowing access to Tignes Le Lac and Val Claret.


The S opens up for the first time this season. The Marmottons, 3000, Aiglon, Route du Col and L stay closed today.