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Weather & Ski Report 09/12


We’ve stepped out into a white room this morning with fresh snow underfoot and flakes falling thick and fast from the low hanging clouds. Temperatures will stay below zero all day but won’t get especially cold either. The snow isn’t going anywhere; expect sustained snowfall all day with a total of 20 - 30cm on the ground by the time it stops this evening. Although it looks very peaceful and calm in town, up top the Westerly wind is blowing a gale, with gusts of over 100km/h at altitude. It will continue to be gusty all day and this is affecting some lift openings.

Tonight, when the snow fall gradually ceases, the clouds will begin to part for a bluebird powder day tomorrow. Enjoy it while it lasts though, the snow is set to return with a vengeance from Wednesday onwards.

Although the roads are snow covered, snow chains are not yet recommended, but only drive if you have a full set of snow tyres.

Ski Report

55cm of groomed snow on the snow front, 1m60 at altitude.


The Borsat and Grand Pre chairlifts are closed at the moment due to wind. Meaning Genepy, Borsat and Fresse, Grand Pre and Club des Sports are inaccessible. Mont Blanc is also closed due to wind. Other than that the Santons, Epaule de Charvet, Border Cross, Stade Semanmille, Trifollet and Lanches pistes remain closed. The Snowpark and Stade Gerard Bonnevie are closed due to lack of visibility.

The Tommeuses and Borsat chairlifts are open, allowing access to Tignes Le Lac and Val Claret.


Cugnai is not running due to the wind and neither is Leissieres , the up and over where a gust of 108km/h was measured within the last half hour. The Marmottons, 3000, Aiglon, Route du Col and L stay closed today.

On the nursery slopes, all slopes are open.


The Vallon bubble stays closed due to the wind at the moment, meaning only the Fornet Cable Car and Pyramid are open. These will allow access to Pyramid, Foret and Mangard only. It also means the Pisaillas Glacier is currently inaccessible.

Everything is open except the Petit Bois, SIgnal, Table d’Orientation, Arrolay, and Cognon pistes.

On the Pisaillas Glacier, the Pays Desert won’t open and the Cascade run is closed.


The Avalanche risk is 2 today. New slabs are liable to form with the heavy snowfall and very strong winds. These will be thicker and more unstable on slopes onto which snow has beenblown by the wind, so North, East and South facing slopes. Also on cold North East round to North West slopes, the recent snow could become angular and more liable to slide. In any case, the weight of a skier could trigger these new slabs to slide on many different slopes. Visibility is very poor today so it’s recommended not to go off-piste at all today and certainly not anywhere you don’t know.

Ensure everyone you ski with has the correct safety gear and avalanche training before heading off piste and if in any doubt, go with a professional or just stick to the marked pistes.

Please stay off all pistes marked closed.

Walking Routes

The Col de l’Iseran and Lac de l'Ouillette are closed due to lack of visibility. That means the footpaths to choose from are the Pont St Charles, Fornet to Laisinant and Manchet routes.

Cross Country

The small loop of the Manchet Valley and the big and small loops of the Lac d’Ouilette are open.

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