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Weather & Ski Report 11/12


It’s an overcast start to the day and those clouds aren’t going anywhere. It will stay cloudy but dry right the way through to the evening when the clouds will become thicker and lower in altitude. At that point, around 6pm, we can expect the first flakes to fall and continue into Thursday morning when we’ll see around 10 to 15cm fresh snow on the ground. Today though, the wind has swung round to the South West and calmed down considerably since yesterday blowing at 10 to 20km/h. However it is expected to pick back up again during the night. Temperatures this afternoon will rise to a maximum of 4°C at 2000 m and -1°C at 3000m.

Ski Report

75cm of groomed snow on the snow front, 1m35 at altitude.


It is absolutely imperative that everyone stays off the The Stade Olympique, which is closed for racing preparations. There is plenty of machinery on it during the day and so it is very dangerous for rogue skiers or boarders, of which there were several yesterday. Other than that the Santons, Epaule de Charvet, Border Cross, Stade Semanmille, Trifollet and Lanches pistes remain closed.

The Tommeuses and Borsat chairlifts will open, allowing access to Tignes Le Lac and Val Claret.


Cugnai will stay closed as a fair bit of work is needed to secure the area after it was hit by a lot of wind. The Marmottons, 3000, Aiglon, Route du Col and L stay closed today.

On the nursery slopes, all slopes are open.


The Petit Bois, SIgnal, Table d’Orientation, Arrolay, and Cognon pistes will stay closed

On the Pisaillas Glacier, the Cascade has opened for the first time in a while. The Pays Desert won’t open and the Combe du Geant is also closed this morning, but may open up later on.. Please stay off all pistes marked closed.


The Avalanche risk is 3 today. New slabs have formed with the snowfall and very strong winds we had over the past few days. A skier set off a slide on the Danai off-piste area on the Solaise sector yesterday, so there is a definite risk of human triggered avalanches. On colder slopes, so NW round to NE facing slopes, a deep old fragile layer of sugary snow persists, which could be triggered to slide by the weight of a single skier. Wind loading has occurred too so be very careful today. Ensure everyone you ski with has the correct safety gear and avalanche training before heading off piste and if in any doubt, go with a professional or just stick to the marked pistes.

Walking Routes

The footpaths to choose from are the Pont St Charles, Fornet to Laisinant, Lac de l'Ouillette and Manchet routes.

Cross Country

The small loop of the Manchet Valley and the big and small loops of the Lac d’Ouilette are open.

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