• Caitlin Kennedy

Weather & Ski Report 15/12


The calm after the storm has returned and we’ve awoken to a cerulean sky with the moon still suspended and bright. Once the sun raises its head over the Fornet valley, we can expect to see sunshine right the way through to the evening, broken up only by sporadic fluffy clouds. Maximum temperature today of 2 to 3°C at 2000m but the wind is likely to add a chill to proceedings if you’re heading up the hill. There is only a breath of wind in town, but up at the summits, the wind continues to blow with a fair force; 30 to 50km/h from a South Westerly direction at 2500m and up to 80km/h at 3500m. Tonight, the skies will cloud over a little but we should still see plenty of stars. Tomorrow is looking cloudy with a gusty South Easterly wind.

PIDA on Solaise and Fornet this morning. Please stay off the ski area until it has been announced safe to do so.

The restriction for pedestrians on the road to Le Fornet and up to Le Chatelard has been lifted. The car parks that were off limits are now open again too.

The roads are black and snow-cleared now so chains are no longer necessary.

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