• Caitlin Kennedy

Weather & Ski Report 10/12


We have a fresh 14cm layer of snow on the ground at resort level and 20cm up at the top of the Solaise. The clouds are on their way out and clear patches will begin to appear throughout the morning leaving us with blue skies above and powder beneath our feet. Temperatures will stay cold, hovering somewhere between 0 and -4°C at 2000m and colder at higher altitudes. To add to the chill, the northerly wind remains quite strong in exposed areas with frequent gusts of up to 50km/h at 2000m. Tonight will start off clear but gradually cloud over during the wee small hours. These clouds will bring with them fresh snow of up to 15cm on Wednesday giving us another cloudy snowy day tomorrow.

Ski Report

78cm of groomed snow on the snow front, 1m60 at altitude.


The Stade Olympique is closed for racing prepartions. Borsat will be slow to open. The Loyes Express may not be able to open due to the wind, if not the Face will be inaccessible. Other than that the Santons, Epaule de Charvet, Border Cross, Stade Semanmille, Snowpark, Trifollet and Lanches pistes remain closed.

The Tommeuses and Borsat chairlifts will open, allowing access to Tignes Le Lac and Val Claret.