• Caitlin Kennedy


Updated: Nov 28, 2018


Last night was chilly and clear and if you happened to be wandering around in the wee small hours of the night, hopefully you'll have looked up and seen the moon, which had the most incredible aura. It was truly spectaucular. But back to the weather... the cool air from the Atlantic will stay with us until Tuesday, and with it, hopefully bring some more snow this evening; but don't get your hopes up too much; less than 5cm are predicted. Before that, we'll be in for a sunny start with a reasonably calm wind from the S round to the SW. This however, will pick up with the incoming clouds, with gusts of up to 50km/h later in the day. The Foehn wind will also be a little stronger today. Max. temperatures of just +1°C at 2000m and -5°C at 3000m are predicted so wrap up warm!

Ski Report

Just like last year, initially this season, it is not possible to ski to the bottom of the mountain, so you'll need to take one of the following down to descend the hill: The Fornet Cable Car The Olympic Bubble The Solaise Bubble The Le Daille Funicular Bellevarde The New Le Daille bubble is only open for pedestrians at the moment and is free of charge this weekend. The Mont Blanc lift will be closed, but all other lifts are due to open. Pistes: The top of the OK/Orange runs are open, but the bottom remains closed. Collet, Grand Pre, Diebold, Verte, Fresse, Borsat, 3J and Genepy are all open. Please stay off Le Face! It is being prepared by for the World Cup so is very dangerous to ski down.


The Solaise gondola, Glacier Express, Lessieres, Madeleine, Cugnai, Datcha Chairlifts and the PimPam drag lift are all open.

Pistes: Lac d'Ouilette, Marais, Cugnai, Madeleine, Col de Madeleine, La Fourche, St Jacques, Glaciers and Lac Parc a Moutons are all open. Fornet The Fornet cable car and Vallon bubble are open, as will be all the lifts on the Pisaillas Glacier, although, as usual they will open a little later. Pistes: Pont Abat, Pyramides and Col are open. On the Glacier, Les Champions, Montetes, Cascades, Moraine, Traversée des Arses, Pisaillas and Lac Cema are all open.