• Caitlin Kennedy

Yolanda Winston

Does what you make tend to be more influenced by what is inside your head or outside it?

The contents of my head are so complex that if I was to translate it onto paper it would resemble cat sick.

What kind of ideas do you find yourself regularly drawn towards in art?

I don’t follow art. I follow rivers. I do find myself inexplicably drawn to bright lights,

however. I could be part moth.

What kinds of things did you draw when you were little and what did you want to be when you grew up?

I drew my angst. At age 4, I channelled my pain into my finger painting and used macaroni collages to interrogate the trauma of being born. There is no growing up, there is only the next life and in the next life I will be a sea slug.

How is the process of collaging different to drawing?

Through my exploratory practice I have come to understand that MS Paint is the only medium bold enough to handle my expressions. Collaging??? Drawing??? Haha, please! They are dead.

If you could live in a painting (Harry Potter style), which would it be?

The Mr. Men books.

Tell us about the first time you went to Folie...

I fell off the balcony trying to get into VIP. I thought this peng, up-and-coming DJ in a Moncler jacket and moonboots was beckoning me to come hither and drink from his magnum. He was just fist pumping. Thanks for sponsoring me to do the cover though!

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